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My past employment history includes 16 years as a Public Servant mainly as a Training Officer specializing in Customer Service Skills, a Researcher and sometimes Tour Escort, in Wholesale Travel working in Australia, the UK, Europe and New Zealand and Tutoring Small Business Management in the TAFE system here in Melbourne, Australia.

In late 1990 I was suddenly unemployed and within a few weeks I was introduced to the colourful world of PRINT GOCCO. For those who still don't know about PRINT GOCCO it is a Japanese Multi Colour Press Print Kit. Within a few weeks I had gone into full production printing out Christmas Cards, Small Business Stationery items and Invitations etc. My husband, Grumpy, and I attended a few local Craft Markets on usually cold and wet Sunday mornings for quite a few years to advertise my new venture.

Within the first 2 months I decided to register the business name KRAFTY LADY and during the next 8 months we were attracting the "new crafters" Rubber Stampers, as Krafty Lady also operated as STATIONERY by the PIECE. SBTP initially offered 17 colours of card and matching envelopes which quickly expanded to 160+ colours - hey remember this was 1991!!!!! I was convinced I could convert these "new crafters" to Screen Printing using PRINT GOCCO as I certainly had more exciting results than the usual "stamping 1 stamp in the center of a white card" !!!!!!!

After meeting a few innovative Stampers in the US in 1993 I was exposed to fantastic techniques and art materials that Stamp Artists were incorporating into this craft. KRAFTY LADY was appointed the Australasian Distributor for STAMPSCAPES™ and was unofficially dubbed the "Brayer Queen". (Effective Sept 9, 2003 I am no longer the distributor for Stampscapes)

1994 saw the successful launch of KRAFTY LADY designs at the inaugural Melbourne Women's Weekly Craft Fair. These stamps featured beautiful Australiana - Flora and Fauna and an innovative range of stamps for items intended for men. This range has approximately 700 designs on offer.

1998 I escorted group of Stampers on Australia's Original Rubber Stamp Holiday to the US West Coast attending numerous classes and the Carson Convention. I usually return to the USA once a year to attend a Trade Show and a Stamp Convention and participate in classes to expand my own knowledge. I have even tutored classes in the US (thanks Dee of Posh Impressions for that opportunity).

Since then KRAFTY LADY has grown and diversified and been reinvented. R&P Stamps were introduced in Brisbane 1999. ART MOULDS© were released in Sydney 2001. The KRAFTY LADY Accessories just keep coming and like the R&P Stamps and the ART MOULDS© have all been nurtured by Kristine. The ART MOULDS© were initially exported to the USA in November 2001. My first instruction book, Metallic Wearables and more, as a collaboration with Cathy Daulman of My Stamps, was released by Design Originals (USA) in March 2002. We are officially launched the ART MOULDS© in the UK and Europe in London September 2002. Life is busy and loads of fun.

At Krafty Lady we have always tried to offer alternative items, be that a stamp design or an accessory. The latest Accessories, Krafty Frames, have great appeal to many crafters including the now "new crafters" Scrapbookers.

The ART MOULDS© are being used by many diverse crafters and have many applications including Embellishments, Jewellery, Porcelain Items, Magnets, Candles, Soaps, Key chains, Game Pieces etc, etc and can be used with Clays, Paper Clays, Wax, Icing Fondants, Melted Embossing Powders, Glues, Play Doh, Metal Clays and Plasters etc. Grumpy and I have even used them for Chocolate THOUGH I MUST ADVISE THE MATERIAL WE USE IS NOT OF FOOD GRADE FOR FOOD STUFFS AND WE ARE NOT SAYING THEY ARE SUITABLE FOR FOOD STUFFS. .... BUT we wash them thoroughly many times, pour in the chocolate, let it set, remove the chocolate and wash thoroughly again. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU DO USE THEM FOR FOOD STUFFS WE AT KRAFTY LADY ACCEPT NO LIABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY.

ANGEL POLICY: Yes we are an Angel Company. You may HAND STAMP using any of the Krafty Lady designs or the R&P Stamps and we encourage you to do so. We have an acknowledgement stamp that we will supply with any orders over $100 (if requested) for the Krafty Lady designs. Stampscapes also requires Hand Stamping AND THAT YOU DON'T GO INTO A COMMERCIAL QUANTITY. Please email to ask for specific requirements. For the ART MOULDS© permission is given to make one of a kind pieces for sale from the moulds in any quantities BUT you may not hire people to make the same item in quantities greater than twenty items and you do not have permission to make small changes and produce derivative moulds.

I hope you enjoy the innovative products offered at KRAFTY LADY as much as we enjoy designing them. Please contact me if there is anything you want to ask about or anything that you feel you need to bring to our intention. Praise and constructive criticism are always welcomed.
Kristine the Krafty Lady

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