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These fun Krafty Acrylic Shapes are 2mm laser cut that have a protective backing that easily peels off. The Krafty Acrylic Shapes are great for the Reverse Art Technique (see yellow box on right). Use them with or instead of tags, hang them on tassels and fibres or even keyrings.
As they are made of acrylic do not expect them not to warp if you heat emboss them. The trick is to pre- heat the heat gun and only heat the plastic in short bursts and only emboss once!!!!

Reverse Art Technique

To Gold Leaf: Stamp on the
back using Judi-Kins Black
Permanent ink and then
sponge on Tacky Adhesive for
Gold Leaf. Allow to go tacky,
usually 15 mins, and Gold Leaf
is laid down and burnished.
Krafty Acrylic Shapes can be
edged with a Gold Krylon Pen

To Glitter: Stamp on the back
as above and sponge on a
good adhesive and drench
with Glitter.
a superior glue to Tannin for
Gold Leaf work.

To Heat Emboss: Remove the
backing sheet and stamp on
the back using Judi-Kins
permanent black ink. This ink
dries very fast. Tap an
embossing pad generously
all over the back of the
KRAFTY Acrylic Shape. Dump
lots of embossing powder and
tap off excessive EP.
Heat until fully melted. Turn the
KRAFTY Acrylic Shape over
and admire.
(Remember if you are using a
word stamp with REVERSE
need to STAMP on the front.)

Artwork by Linda Conway
Remember you need to buy 2 at a time of ANY OF THE 20 STYLES available - you decide which 2 you want.
If you decide to do the REVERSE ART TECHNIQUE, Tacky Adhesive
is a superior glue to Tannin and only requires 1 coat

Krafty Acrylic Shapes come pre-holed to use as TAG ART, to add to a Key Ring, as Jewellery or even make a Magnet out of them. Once you start you will want more.

The XLarge Hand is the perfect size to make a Book and even the Medium Hand would be a fun Mini Book.

To order you must buy a minimum of 2 Krafty Acrylic Shapes in any combination or multiples. See samples in the Gallery

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