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Moulds Scheduled for Retirement: 31st December 2008
Retired Moulds (June 08)

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African, Tribal
Ancients, The
Asian, Oriental
Body Parts
Bugs: Nature
Christmas: Festive
Circular and Oval Shapes
Easter: Festive
Egypt, Egyptian
Faces and Heads
Fish: Nature
Game Pieces, and Shapes
Greco-Roman: The Ancients
Greek: The Ancients
Heads and Faces
Holidays: Festive
Keys and Locks
Leaves: Nature
Locks and Keys
Medieval: The Ancients
Oriental / Asian
Oval and Circular Shapes
Roman: The Ancients
Shapes and Game Pieces
Shells: Nature
Texture Sheets
The Ancients
Tribal, African
Valentine's Day: Festive

Moulds Scheduled for Retirement:
31st December 2008
Retired Moulds (June 08)

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Thumbnails and images are not always to scale. Please refer to the measurements indicated.

Allow download time for mould images
Due to reduced sales the over the last 2 years the following 25 designs
will be retired from the Krafty Lady Art Mould© inventory
They will be available for sale until December 31st 2008
From that date only by Special Request

For specific samples on one of these Art Moulds© take note of the AM ref to
select the appropriate page in the Gallery

AM018 Med 4 Diamond Fragment AM019 Med Etruscan Shield AM021 Lge Rectangle Fragment AM022 Med Circle Fragment
AM018 - Med
4 Diamond Fragment
H 3.7cm x W 3.7cm
AM019 - Med
Etruscan Shield
H 2.9cm x W 3.6cm
AM021 - Lge
Rectangle Fragment
H 4.0cm x W 3.0cm
AM022 - Med
Circle Fragment
Dia 3.1cm
AM036 Med Geometric Fragment AM038 Lge Roman Fragment AM039 Med Script AM044 Med Floral Fragment
AM036 - Med
Geometric Fragment
H 3.7cm x W 3.0cm
AM038 - Lge
Roman Fragment
H 3.4cm x W 2.3cm
AM039 - Med
H 4.0cm x W 3.3cm
AM044 - Med
Floral Fragment
H 2.5cm x W 2.5cm
AM085 Med Crest AM135 XLge Mask Harlequin Lge AM136 XLge Mask Arabian Lge AM137 XLge Cameo Couple
AM085 - Med
Dia 2.5cm
AM135 - XLge
Mask Harlequin Large
H 5.5cm x W 4.3cm
AM136- XLge
Mask Arabian Large
H 5.1cm x W 3.7cm
AM137 - XLge
Cameo Couple
H 4.6cm x W 3.5cm
AM171 XXLge Oval Tag AM186 XLge Tag Rectangular Large AM232 Med 2 Paisley Motif AM236 XXLge Oval Set
AM171 - XXLge
Oval Tag
H 8.5cm x W 4.2cm
AM186 - XXLge
Tag Rectangular Large
H 8.5cm x W 4.4cm
AM232 - Med
2 Paisley Motif
Dia 1.7cm
AM236 - XXLge
Oval Set
Large -H 3.5cm x W 2.8cm
Small - H 2.4cm x W 1.9cm
AM250 XXLge Ornate Vase AM262 XXLge Waterlily Pad AM266 Lge Geranium Leaf AM267 Lge Lovers
AM250 - XXLge
Ornate Vase
H 4.5cm x W 4.0cm
AM262 - XXLge
Waterlily Pad
H 4.2cm x W 4.4cm
AM266 - Lge
Geranium Leaf
H 2.8cm x W 2.4cm
AM267 - Lge
H 3.0cm x W 2.8cm
AM285 X4Lge Lillie (Very Deep) by Sue Fansler AM296 XLge Watch Face (1) AM297 Lge Watch Face (2) AM300 XXLge Lady Floral Hat
AM285 - X4Lge
Lillie (Very Deep)
by Sue Fansler
H 5.9cm x W 5.0cm
AM296 - XLge
Watch Face (1)
H 3.6cm x W 3.6cm
AM297 - Lge
Watch Face (2)
H 2.8cm x W 2.8cm
AM300 - XXLge
Lady Floral Hat
H 5.3cm x W 3.8cm

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of products by Krafty Lady visit the work of our

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X4Large $21.00 AUD X5Large $24.50 AUD X6Large $29.50 AUD
Jumbo $27.50 AUD AMT $39.95 AUD  
"You may pay a dollar more for these molds, but please keep in mind that TOP QUALITY ART WARE costs more to produce."

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