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Moulds Scheduled for Retirement: 31st December 2008
Retired Moulds (June 08)

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• Frames
• Game Pieces, and Shapes
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Moulds Scheduled for Retirement:
• 31st December 2008
• Retired Moulds (June 08)

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AM014 Med Egyptian Bug AM016 Med African Mask AM024 Med Feather AM033 XXLge Swallowtail
AM014 - Med
Egyptian Bug
H 2.3cm x W 3.0cm
AM016 - Med
African Mask
H 2.5cm x W 1.7cm
AM024 - Med
H 4.1cm x W 1.1cm
AM033 - XXLge
H 6.1cm x W 6.3cm
AM047 Sm Fish AM054 Med Cave Deer AM063 Sm Miss Froggy AM068 Med Egyptian Cat Fragment
AM047 - Sm
H 2.1cm x W 3.0cm
AM054 - Med
Cave Deer
H 2.8cm x W 3.7cm
AM063 - Sm
Miss Froggy
H 2.3cm x W 2.4cm
AM068 - Med
Egyptian Cat Fragment
H 3.4cm x W 2.5cm
AM076 Lge Chinese Dragon AM082 Med Mr Toad AM093 Lge Fish No 3 AM104 Med Scarab
AM076 - Lge
Chinese Dragon
H 7.0cm x W 2.0cm
AM082 - Med
Mr Toad
H 2.7cm x W 3.0cm
AM093 - Lge
Fish No 3
H 2.2cm x W 4.6cm
AM104 - Med
H 2.5cm x W 2.1cm
AM118 Lge Deep Camel Box AM119 XXLge Elephant AM123 XXLge Set of Wings AM124 Lge Side Butterfly
AM118 - Lge
Deep Camel Box
H 2.4cm x W 3cm
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AM119 - XXLge
H 4.0cm X W 6.0cm
AM123 - XXLge
Set of Wings (1)
H 6.5cm x W 2.1cm
AM124 - Lge
Side Butterfly (1)
H 4.7cm x W 2.7cm
AM125 XLge Trojan Horse Head AM126 Lge Winged Lion distressed AM131 Lge Butterfly No 1 AM147 Lge Dragon No 2
AM125 - XLge
Trojan Horse
H 4.4cm x 3.8cm
AM126 - Lge
Winged Lion Distressed
H 3.9cm x W 2.9cm
AM131 - XLge
Butterfly No 1
H 3.2cm x W 4.5cm
AM147 - Lge
Dragon No 2
H 6.1cm x W 1.7cm
AM154 XLge Sphinx No 1 AM162 Lge Cuckoo No 1 AM163 Lge Camel Tile AM164 Xlge Horse Mane
AM154 - XLge
Sphinx No 1
H 2.85cm x W 4.5cm
AM162 - Lge
Cuckoo No 1
H 4.6cm x W 2.3cm
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AM163 - Lge
Camel Tile
H 2.4cm x W 3.2cm
AM164 - XLge
Horse Mane
H 3.5cm x W 4.6cm
AM165 Lge Feather AM168 X3Lge Butterfly Plate AM169 XLge Dragon Pendant AM175 XLge Seahorse
AM165 - Lge
H 6.2cm x W 1.3cm
AM168 - X3Lge
Butterfly Plate
H 5.7cm x W 6.9cm
AM169 - XLge
Dragon Pendant
H 5.0cm x W 3.0cm
AM175 - XLge
H 7.2cm x W 3.0cm
AM176 XLge Cat No 1 AM183 XLge Scarab Fragment AM208 XLge Tropical fish AM209 XXLge Dragonfly
AM176 - XLge
Cat No 1
H 5.5cm x W 3.1cm
AM183 - XLge
Scarab Fragment
H 4.5cm x W 3.0cm
AM208 - XLge
Tropical Fish
H 4.0cm x W 5.6cm
AM209 - XXLge
H 6.0cm x W 6.5cm
AM251 Sm Mini Frog AM271 XLge Mini Cat AM272 XXLge Lizard AM290 XXLge Gecko
AM251 - Sm
Mini Frog
H 1.6cm x W 1.6cm
Small version of AM063
AM271 - XLge
Mini Cat
H 4.0cm x W 2.3cm
Small version of AM176
AM272 - XXLge
H 5.4cm x W 3.2cm
AM290 - XXLge
H 6.4cm x W 2.8cm
  AM308 XLge Mini Dragonfly AM312 XXLge Egyptian Cameo AM313 Lge Ladybird
AM 292
This mould is currently not available.
AM308 - XLge
Mini Dragonfly
H 3.2cm x W 3.4cm
Smaller version of AM209
AM312 - XXLge
Egyptian Cameo
H 4.8 cm x W 3.8 cm
(features a lion)
AM313 - Lge
H 3.0 cm x W 2.0 cm

AM316 XXLge Celtic Dragon AM318 XXLge Dragonfly Wings Set AM326 XXLge Engraved Fleur d'Lyse AM332 X5Lge 7 UP
AM316 - XXLge
Celtic Dragon
W 4.0 cm x H 2.5 cm
(dragon itself)
AM318 - XXLge
Dragonfly Wings Set
each wing:
W 4.0 cm x H 2.5 cm
AM327 - XXLge
Ostrich Feather
4.4 cm diameter
AM335 XXLge
H 4.8 cm x W 4.8 cm
AM338 Small Mini Sphinx AM356 X3Lge  Lantern and Cat    
AM338 Small
Mini Sphinx
H 2.0 cm x W 1.6 cm
AM356 X3Lge
Lantern and Cat
Cat: H 3.1 cm x W 2.5 cm
Lantern: H 3.2 cm x W 2 cm
"Bears" by Jewel Lewis
Visit the Art Moulds Gallery featuring pieces using the moulds below, created by Krafty Lady customers and by the Design Team.
JB001 XXLge Tama by Jewel
JB002 XXLge Angel by Jewel
JB003 XXLge Elton by Jewel
JB901 - XXLge
Tama by Jewel
H 5.3cm x W 3.0cm
JB902 - XXLge
Angel by Jewel
H 5.5cm x W 3.2cm
JB903 - XXLge
Elton by Jewel
H 5.3cm x W 3.2cm
JB004 XXLge Fawn by Jewel
JB005 XXLge Brian by Jewel
JB006 XXLge Baby by Jewel
JB904 - XXLge
Fawn by Jewel
H 5.5cm x W 3.4cm
JB905 - XXLge
Brian by Jewel
H 5.6cm x W 3.4cm
JB906 - XXLge
Baby by Jewel
H 4.4cm x W 4.0cm
JB907 XLge John by Jewel
JB908 XLge Jane by Jewel
JB907 - XLge
John by Jewel
H 4.0cm x W 2.6cm
JB908 - XLge
Jane by Jewel
H 4.0cm x W 2.4cm

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