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AM014 Med Egyptian Bug AM010 XLge Mummy AM044 Med Floral Fragment AM049 XLge Gypo Man
AM014 - Med
Egyptian Bug
H 2.3cm x W 3.0cm
AM030 - XLge
H 6.0cm x W 2.2cm
AM044 - Med
Floral Fragment
H 2.5cm x W 2.5cm

December 31st, 2008
AM049 - XLge
Gypo Man
H 4.3cm x W 2.3cm
AM052 Med Egyptian Triangle AM068 Med Egyptian Cat Fragment AM069 Med Egyptian Glyph AM070 Sm King Tut Mask
AM052 - Med
Egyptian Triangle
H 3.3cm x W 2.5cm
AM068 - Med
Egyptian Cat Fragment
H 3.4cm x W 2.5cm
AM069 - Med
Egyptian Glyph
H 3.3cm x W 2.4cm
AM070 - Sm
King Tut Mask
H 2.5cm x W 1.8cm
AM087 Med Pyramid Eye AM088 XLge 2 Queen Nefertiti AM104 Med Scarab AM106 Lge Cartouche
AM087 - Med
Pyramid Eye
H 2.2cm x W 2.7cm
AM088 - XLge
2 Queen Nefertiti
H 4.8cm x W 2.3cm
H 2.1cm x W 1.3cm
AM104 - Med
H 2.5cm x W 2.1cm
AM106 - Lge
H 5cm x W 1.7cm
AM107 Lge Pharoah Profile AM118 Lge Deep Camel Box AM119 XXLge Elephant AM153 Lge Female Egyptian
AM107 - Lge
Pharoah Profile
H 2.6cm x W 2.7cm
AM118 - Lge
Deep Camel Box
H 2.4cm x W 3cm
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AM119 - XXLge
H 4.0cm X W 6.0cm
AM153 - Lge
Female Egyptian
H 3.8cm x W 2.3cm
AM154 XLge Sphinx No 1 AM163 Lge Camel Tile AM176 XLge Cat No 1 AM183 XLge Scarab Fragment
AM154 - XLge
Sphinx No 1
H 2.85cm x W 4.5cm
AM163 - Lge
Camel Tile
H 2.4cm x W 3.2cm
AM176 - XLge
Cat No 1
H 5.5cm x W 3.1cm
AM183 - XLge
Scarab Fragment
H 4.5cm x W 3.0cm
AM241 XXLge Tuareg Man AM271 XLge Mini Cat AM312 XXLge Egyptian Cameo AM315  XXLge Heiroglyphics
AM241 - XLge
Tuareg Man
H 4.8cm x W 3.0cm
AM271 - XLge
Mini Cat
H 4.0cm x W 2.3cm
Small version of AM176
AM312 - XXLge
Egyptian Cameo
H 4.8 cm x W 3.8 cm
AM315 - XXLge
Diameter: 3.8 cm
AM320 X3Lge	Half Circle AM332 X5Lge 7 UP AM332 X5Lge 7 UP AM338 Small Mini Sphinx
AM320 - X3Lge
Half Circle
W 7.5 cm x H 3.5 cm
AM335 XXLge
H 4.8 cm x W 4.8 cm
AM336 XXLge
Decorative Hand
H 6.0 cm x W 3.2 cm
AM338 Small
Mini Sphinx
H 2.0 cm x W 1.6 cm

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