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"Funky Alphabet" Contest Winner
Winner is Chris McDonald from WA - 1395 words found.
Her prize - the initial 10 Krafty Letters from the Funky Alphabet is on its way to her
"I use a book called Super Word Finder by Peter Upsall and Elsie Johnson. Published in Australia in 1995 by New Holland Publishers.
As for the two letter words I got them from the Official scrabble Players list of words."

1 letter words (1)
2-letter words (16)
al, am, at, de, do, el, et, la, lo, ma, me, mm, mo, or, re, to

3-letter words(82)
ace, act, add, ado, ala, ale, all, alt, arc, are, arm, art, ate, cad, cam, car, cat, cod, coo, cot, dad, dam, Del, dev, doc, doe, dot, ear, eat, eel, ell, elm, era, ere, err, eve, lad, lam, lat, lea, led, lee, let, lot, mad, mar, mat, med, met, moa, mod, mol, mom, moo, mot, oar, oat, odd, ode, old, ole, ore, ort, ova, ram, rat, red, ret, rev, roc, rod, roe, rot, tad, tae, tam, tar, tat, tea, ted, tee, toe, tom, too, tot, vat, vet,

4-letter words(366)
aced, acme, acre, adam, adel, aero, alec, alee, alma, aloe, alto, ammo, area, atom, aver, call, calm, came, card, care, carl, cart, cave, cede, cell, cero, clad, clam, clod, clot, coal, coat, coca, coco, coda, code, coed, cola, cold, colt, coma, come, cool, coot, cord, core, corm, cote, cove, cram, croc, dace, dada, dado, dale, dame, dare, dart, data, date, dave, dead, deal, dear, deco, deed, deem, deer, dele, dell, demo, dodo, doer, dole, doll, dolt, dome, doom, door, dorm, dote, dove, dram, drat, earl, eave, eddo, emma, ever, lace, lade, lama, lame, lard, late, lava, lave, lead, leer, load, loam, loco, lode, lola,loll, loom, loot, lord, lore, love, mace, made, male, mall, malt, mama, marc, mare, marl, mart, mate, matt, mead, meal, meat, meet, meld, melt, memo, mere, meta, mete, moat, mode, mold, mole, moll, molt, mood, moor, moot, more, mort, mote, move, odor, oleo, olla, oral, orca, oval, over, race, rare, rate, rave, read, real, ream, rear, redo, reed, reel, road, roam, roar, rode, role, roll, rood, room, root, rote, rove, taco, tact, talc, tale, tall, tame, tare, taro, tara, tart, tate, teal, team, tear, teat, teed, teem, tell, term, toad, todd, toed, told, toll, tome, tool, toot, tore, tort, tote, tram, tree, trod, trot, vale, veal, veer, vela, vera, veto, vole, volt, vote

5-letter words(211)
acted, actor, added, adder, addle, adore, alarm, alder, alert, allot, altar, alter, amole, aorta, arced, ardor, areca, armed, armor, aroma, atoll, attar, avert, cacao, cadet, cadre, calla, calve, camel, cameo, carat, cared, caret, carol, carom, carte, carve, cater, caved, caver, cedar, ceded, cello, clave, clear, cleat, clove, cocoa, codec, coded, coder, color, comer, comet, comma, cooed, cooer, coral, cored, corer, cotta, coved, cover, covet, crate, crave, cream, credo, creed, creel, dared, darer, dated, dater, dealt, decal, decor, deled, delta, delve, derma, deter, dolce, doled, dolor, domed, doted, doter, drama, dread, dream, drear, droll, drool, drove, eared, eater, edema, elate, elder, elect, emcee, emmer, emote, erect, erode, erred, error, evade, later, laved, laver, leave, lemma, levee, level, lever, llama, local, lotto, loved, lover, macro, madam, maeve, mamma, mated, mater, matte, medal, melee, merle, metal, meted, meter, metro, modal, model, modem, molar, momma, mooed, moral, morel, motel, motet, motor, motto, moved, mover, oared, oater, octal, octet, odder, older, orate, order, otter, ovate, overt, raced, racer, radar, rarer, rated, rater, raved, ravel, react, realm, rearm, recta, recto, reece, reeve, retro, revel, rodeo, romeo, rotor, roved, rover, tamed, tamer, tarot, tater, terra, tetra, torte, total, toted, totem, trace, tract, trade, tread, treat, treed, troll, trove, valet, valor, valve, velar, veldt, verve, vocal, voted, voter, vroom

6-letter words(276)
accede, accord, addled, adored, adorer, advert, aerate, alcove, allele, amatol, amerce, amoral, aortal, arcade, areola, areole, armada, armlet, arrear, avatar, avocet, called, caller, calmed, calmer, calved, camera, camlet, carded, carder, career, carrel, carrot, carted, cartel, carter, carved, carvel, carver, catalo, cattle, caveat, cavort, cellar, celled, cerate, cereal, clamor, claret, claver, cleave, cleome, clever, clover, coaled, coaler, coated, coater, coddle, coerce, coeval, colder, collar, comate, cooled, cooler, corded, corral, cottar, cotter, covert, cradle, crated, crater, cravat, craved, craver, create, daedal, dammar, dammed, darted, darter, deader, dealer, dearer, decade, decoct, decode, decree, deeded, deemed, delete, delved, delver, demote, deodar, dermal, detect, devote, doctor, dodder, dollar, dolled, doodad, doodle, doomed, dorado, dormer, dotard, dotted, dotter, dreamt, droved, drover, elated, elodea, emceed, emoted, eroded, errata, evaded, evader, evolve, ladder, ladled, ladler, larded, larder, larvae, larval, latter, leaded, leader, leaved, leaver, lector, leered, letter, loaded, loader, loamed, locale, locate, locoed, lolled, loomed, looted, looter, lorded, madder, mallet, malted, mammal, maraca, marcel, marled, marmot, marred, marvel, matted, matter, meddle, melded, melted, Melvin, mercer, merlot, meteor, mettle, molded, molder, molted, moored, mooted, morale, mortal, mortar, mottle, ocelot, octave, octavo, omelet, oracle, orated, orator, ordeal, overdo, raceme, rammed, rammer, ramrod, ratted, ratter, rattle, reader, realer, reamed, reamer, reared, recall, recede, recode, record, rectal, rector, redact, redder, redeem, reeled, relate, reload, remade, remold, remora, remote, remove, reread, retard, retell, retold, retool, retort, retted, reveal, revere, revert, revolt, revote, revved, roamed, roamer, roared, rococo, rolled, roller, roomed, roomer, rooted, rooter, rotate, rotted, taller, tamale, tarmac, tarred, tartar, tarter, tatted, tatter, tattle, tattoo, teamed, teemed, teeter, teller, termed, terror, tetrad, toddle, tolled, tomato, tomcat, tomcod, tooled, tooted, tooter, torero, totted, totter, traced, tracer, traded, trader, travel, tremor, vacate, varlet, vector, veered, velvet, vetoed, vetted, voodoo

7-letter words(194)
academe, acceded, accrete, acetate, aerated, aerator, alameda, alamode, alarmed, alerted, alerter, allover, altered, amerced, ammeter, arcaded, armload, armored, attract, averred, averted, avocado, cadaver, caldera, calomel, calotte, cameral, camorra, caracal, caramel, caravel, carload, caroled, caroler, caromed, catcall, catered, caterer, cattalo, cavalla, cavetto, ceramal, cladode, clammed, clatter, cleared, clearer, cleaved, cleaver, cloacae, clotted, cocotte, coddled, coddler, coerced, coercer, collard, collate, collect, colored, commode, commove, comrade, coracle, corolla, correct, corrode, covered, coverer, coveted, coveter, cradled, cradler, crammed, crammer, creamed, creamer, created, creator, creedal, cremate, decadal, declare, decoded, decoder, decreed, deleted, demoded, demoted, detract, devolve, devoted, devotee, doodled, doodler, doormat, dovecot, dratted, dreaded, dreamed, dreamer, droller, drooled, earldom, elected, elector, electro, elevate, emerald, erected, erecter, erector, evolved, evolver, lactate, lacteal, lamella, lateral, leotard, leveled, leveler, levered, leveret, located, locater, locator, macadam, Malcolm, mallard, malodor, matador, medaled, meddled, meddler, ordered, overact, overall, overate, overeat, raddled, rattled, rattler, raveled, reacted, reactor, rearmed, receded, recoded, recolor, recover, redcoat, redroot, reelect, related, relater, remodel, remoter, removal, removed, remover, reorder, retrace, retract, retread, retreat, reveled, reveler, revered, revolve, rootlet, rotated, rotator, tartlet, tattled, tattler, teacart, tearoom, terrace, toccata, toddled, toddler, totaled, tractor, tramcar, trammel, treacle, treaded, treadle, treated, tremolo, trolled, trotted, trotter, vacated,

8-letter words(137)
accolade, accorded, accorder, accreted, acetated, adverted, advocate, allocate, allotted, allotter, alveolar, amarelle, amaretto, amoretto, avadavat, cameleer, caracara, caracole, cardamom, careered, cartload, cataract, cavorted, cavorter, cellared, cellarer, cellaret, cellmate, clamored, clamorer, cleverer, coatroom, collared, collaret, collated, collator, colleted, commerce, commoved, corroded, corvette, coverall, coverlet, cratered, cremated, cremator, declared, declarer, decocted, decorate, democrat, detected, detector, deterred, devolved, doctoral, doctored, doddered, dodderer, dotterel, dovecote, ectoderm, elevated, elevator, etcetera, evermore, lacerate, lactated, laddered, lamellae, lamellar, lettered, letterer, macerate, maltreat, marveled, matelote, mattered, moderate, moderato, moldered, moreover, mortared, motorcar, odometer, overcall, overcame, overcoat, overcome, overcool, overlade, overload, overlord, overrate, overrode, recalled, recorded, recorder, recreate, redacted, redactor, redeemed, redeemer, reloaded, relocate, remolded, rerecord, retarded, retooled, retorted, retraced, retroact, revealed, revealer, reverted, revolted, revolved, revolver, rollover, roomette, roommate, tattered, tattooed, teammate, teetered, teetotal, telltale, telomere, terraced, tetramer, tolerate, toreador, tottered, tractate, traveled, traveler, vectored,

9-letter words(69)
advocated, advocator, aerodrome, aerometer, allocated, altercate, attracted, attractor, camcorder, caracoled, catcalled, cavalcade, clattered, clatterer, coevolved, collected, collector, collocate, commodore, corralled, corrected, corrector, correlate, decorated, decorator, demarcate, dermatome, detracted, detractor, doctorate, electoral, electrode, lacerated, lamellate, latecomer, macerated, macerator, macromere, marmalade, marmoreal, melodrama, moderated, moderator, motorcade, overacted, overdrove, overeater, overrated, overreact, overtrade, recollect, recovered, recreated, reelected, relocated, remodeled, reordered, retardate, retracted, retractor, retreated, retrocede, revelator, telemeter, toadeater, tolerated, tomcatted, trammeled, voltmeter

10-letter words (22)
accelerate, altercated, collateral, collocated, colorectal, correlated, decelerate, decollated, demarcated, electorate, maltreated, overcalled, overcooled, overloaded, overtraded, reallocate, redecorate, rerecorded, retroacted, tattletale, teetotaler, tetrameter,

11-letter words (12)
accelerated, accelerator, accommodate, commemorate, decelerated, decelerator, overcorrect, overreacted, reallocated, recollected, redecorated, redecorator,

12-letter words (6)
accommodated, accommodator, commemorated, commemorator, electrometer, reaccelerate

13-letter words(3)
accelerometer, overcorrected, reaccelerated
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