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Moulds Scheduled for Retirement: 31st December 2008
Retired Moulds (June 08)

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Funky Alphabet by Michelle Corbett
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African, Tribal
Ancients, The
Asian, Oriental
Body Parts
Bugs: Nature
Christmas: Festive
Circular and Oval Shapes
Easter: Festive
Egypt, Egyptian
Faces and Heads
Fish: Nature
Game Pieces, and Shapes
Greco-Roman: The Ancients
Greek: The Ancients
Heads and Faces
Holidays: Festive
Keys and Locks
Leaves: Nature
Locks and Keys
Medieval: The Ancients
Oriental / Asian
Oval and Circular Shapes
Roman: The Ancients
Shapes and Game Pieces
Shells: Nature
Texture Sheets
The Ancients
Tribal, African
Valentine's Day: Festive

Moulds Scheduled for Retirement:
31st December 2008
Retired Moulds (June 08)

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Texture Sheets

Visit the Art Moulds Gallery featuring pieces using the moulds below, created by Krafty Lady customers and by the Design Team.

KT1 X4Lge Bumpy Texture
KT2 X4Lge Leaf Texture
KT3 X4Lge Reptile Texture
AMKT1 - X4Lge
Bumpy Texture
H 10.0cm x W 8.0cm
AMKT2 - X4Lge
Leaf Texture
H 10.0cm x W 8.0cm
AMKT3 - X4Lge
Reptile Texture
H 10.0cm x W 8.0cm
KT4 X4Lge Rococo Texture
KT5 X4Lge Sandstone Texture
KT6 X4Lge Wave Texture
AMKT4 - X4Lge
Rococo Texture
H 9.0cm x W 8.0cm
AMKT5 - X4Lge
Sandstone Texture
H 10.0cm x W 8.0cm
AMKT6 - X4Lge
Wave Texture
H 10.0cm x W 8.0cm
KT7 X4Lge Floral Texture
KT8 X4Lge Crushed Paper Texture
KT9 X4Lge Fronds Texture
AMKT7 - X4Lge
Floral Texture
H 10.0cm x W 8.0cm
AMKT8 - X4Lge
Crushed Paper Texture
H 10.0cm x W 8.0cm
AMKT9 - X4Lge
Fronds Texture
H 10.0cm x W 8.0cm
KT10 X4Lge Filigree Texture
KT11 X4Lge Fan Texture
KT12 X4Lge Bamboo Texture
AMKT10 - X4Lge
Filigree Texture
H 10.0cm x W 8.0cm
AMKT11 - X4Lge
Fan Texture
H 10.0cm x W 8.0cm
AMKT12 - X4Lge
Bamboo Texture
H 10.0cm x W 8.0cm
KT13  X4Lge Heart Texture
KT15 X4Lge Crocodile Texture
KT14 X4Lge Linen Texture
AMKT13 - X4Lge
Heart Texture
H 10.0cm x W 8.0cm
AMKT14 - X4Lge
Crocodile Texture
H 10.0cm x W 8.0cm
AMKT15 - X4Lge
Linen Texture
H 10.0cm x W 8.0cm
KT16 X4Lge RoseHead Texture
AMKT16 - X4Lge
RoseHead Texture
H 10.0cm x W 8.0cm

Our Krafty Lady Textures© will allow you to press into all pre baked clays and melted embossing powders. You will need to work with the EPs immediately after pouring into the Krafty Lady Texture Sheets©

To use with clays: Press the selected clay onto the Krafty Lady Texture©. Carefully peel the Texture away and bake, fire or air dry etc depending on the type of clay you are working with. *NB If using any of the Silver Metal Clays (PMC™or Art Clay Silver)™ apply a small amount of Badger Balm or olive oil to the Texture for easy release.

To use with melted embossing powders (EP): Carefully pour your EP onto any Krafty Lady Texture©. Wait a few minutes for the EP cast to cool and peel away the Texture.

Freeform Work:
1) Pour melted EP onto a Krafty Lady Texture©. To get a double sided piece immediately sandwich with another Krafty Lady Texture© - gently press - to get a fantastic result you have to work quickly with this method as the EP is cooling as soon as you start to pour. Remove the cast from the Texture and now you have a textured base as well as a decorative front.
OR you can pour your EP into any Krafty Lady Art Mould© and immediately press a Krafty Lady Texture© onto the hot EP to get a texture on the reverse of the cast mould. Leave the Texture sheet there until EP is cool. Be very careful with this method as the EP is very hot when poured. I suggest you have either baking paper under your work or a Teflon Sheet.

2) Roll out clay and evenly press the Krafty Lady Texture© onto the clay - again to get a double sided look see the EP method immediately above.

UnMounted Rubber Stamps
KL407 Roses Texture sheet
KL408 Leaves Texture sheet
KL409 Butterflies Texture sheet
Roses Texture
H 9cm x W 12.5cm
Price: $19.95 AUD
Leaves Texture
H 9cm x W 12.5cm
Price: $19.95 AUD
Butterflies Texture
H 9cm x W 12.5cm
Price: $19.95 AUD
KL411 Marbled Texture sheet
KL451 Gumleaves Texture sheet
KL464 Scribbles Texture sheet
Marbled Texture
H 9cm x W 12.5cm
Price: $19.95 AUD
Gumleaves Texture
H 9cm x W 12.5cm
Price: $19.95 AUD
Scribbles Texture
H 9cm x W 12.5cm
Price: $19.95 AUD

These unmounted rubber stamp sheets are great for impressing into METAL CLAYS for texture, Polymer Clays & Air Dry Clays too, as well as pressing into molten OPALS Embossing Enamels.

When using with METAL CLAYS please make sure you fully lubricate the rubber for an easy removal of the clay. Personally I use Badger Balm.

When using the stamp sheets with Polymer & Air Dry Clays you really shouldn't need to lubricate. When used with OPALS moisten the rubber with an ink pad such as embossing ink style or coloured Pigment Ink for a colour transfer onto the OPALS.

For ideas and inspiration using the varied range
of products by Krafty Lady visit the work of our

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Krafty Lady Art Mould© Prices
All prices in Australian Dollars
Small $9.25 AUD Medium $9.75 AUD Large $11.50 AUD
XLarge $13.75 AUD XXLarge $16.50 AUD X3Large $18.50 AUD
X4Large $21.00 AUD X5Large $24.50 AUD X6Large $29.50 AUD
Jumbo $27.50 AUD AMT $39.95 AUD  
"You may pay a dollar more for these molds, but please keep in mind that TOP QUALITY ART WARE costs more to produce."

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