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Here's what customers have to say about
Krafty Lady Art Moulds©

"Several years ago, I tried the Krafty Lady Art Moulds from Australia and fell in love with them! These are, without a doubt, the best molds that I've ever used with clay. They're flexible, silicone-based molds that need no release agent and can be used with practically any art material you can think of. You can also bake both liquid clay and regular clay in them. I was so impressed with these molds that I've been selling them at workshops and retreats ever since."
Kim Cavender USA, Jan 2008 (Source)

Krafty Lady Art Moulds are pretty amazing – they can take a whole lot of abuse and they still come out fighting. This time I blasted them with one of those neat heat guns from Ranger. How would Friendly Plastic work in my moulds? See here for the results Michelle Zimmerman CA, USA April 2008

Your moulds are FABULOUS!!! I got some from Kim Cavender, & I have sold some in my classes before. They're incredibly easy to use & hold detail perfectly with clay.
Marla Frankenberg USA May 2008

I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know the moulds and foils
arrived yesterday morning, so I had an absolute ball of a day having a play.
Thank you and wishing you well.
Alana, Australia, Jan 2008


Thanks so much for this offer.....your molds are great, so much so that it
will be very difficult to choose.
Jenny Dowde, Australia, Dec 2007

In my humble opinion, there are no molds out there even close to Krafty Lady Art Molds.
They work wonderfully and the detail is fantastic. I work with polymer clay and use Kristine’s molds exclusively.
Gail Ritchey, USA, Nov 2007

I hope all the CHA designers will become familiar with your molds and use them in their designs.
I agree with Gail that your molds are absolutely the finest in the industry!
Michele Emerson-Roberts, USA, Nov 2007

For those of you who have never used the molds, they are flexible and very easy to use.
I use them with polymer clay, but they work with many mediums.
Linda Hess, USA, Nov 2007

I have just been catching up on my emails and came across yours to the CHA discussion group about your molds,
so I checked out your are fabulous. I am so interested in your molds and will be doing a CHA Designer Showcase.
I am a Mixed Media Artist/Designer and can see uses for many of your molds in my work. I have been doing a lot with Makins' Clay and will be teaching a class for them at the Winter CHA Show.
Ann Butler, USA, Nov 2007

I already love your moulds and have used them in classes that I've taught using UTEE and Polymer clay.
I was excited to see that you are eager to supply moulds for the fashion displays. Our display will give us
the perfect opportunity to show some beautiful jewelry and accessories made using your moulds and texture plates.
I will use them in the fashion display, in my designer showcase and in other publications, as I am published in magazines regularly.
I'm also working with a publisher on a future book project about handmade books, and would love to use your moulds to create cover embellishments.
Thanks so much for creating such superior products.
Roxi Phillips, USA, Nov 2007

I am a multi-medium artist and one of the mediums I use is polymer clay. Some of my work has been exhibited through PolyForm. Recently, I have begun to make jewelry and to work with PMC as well. Your molds have a great reputation. I would love to use a mold for clay or PMC.
Madeline Faiella , USA, Nov 2007

I just visited your website and am amazed at the variety of molds and texture plates you carry. I am getting into Precious Metal Clay at the first of the year and was browsing for related material like jewelry molds, texture plates,etc when I came across your website. Just wanted to compliment you on your website along with the fantastic stock you carry. You WILL be receiving an order from me in the near future.
Steve Esbaugh
from the Show me State of Missouri - November 2007

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with the resin and loved that we got five lessons rather than just the one. The workshop was well structured and you gave me enough confidence to complete the second bangle with minimal assistance. I love that this resin cures in 30 minutes and that you can complete a bangle in under an hour. Thanks for the great workshop..... this product rocks!"
~ Myléne Hillam, Qld - October 2007

"I found your course to be much more informative and enjoyable than other courses I have taken. The interaction with the other people in the class and the way in which you involved each person on an individual level was a great way to learn what mistakes to avoid. Thank you, I look forward to doing more classes with you."
~ Di Lucas, Melton - October 2007

Hi Kristine,
I visited your website and got VERY EXCITED to see all of the wonderful art moulds you carry.
Thank you for getting back with me so quickly. I appreciate it very much!
I will check out the two distributors you have listed. I am really looking forward to ordering these moulds!
Jennifer Hopper, Painter's Palette, USA - August 2007

Kristine -- Thank you so much for including me in your gallery. I'm just LOVING these molds and having so much fun playing with them.
I'll send more pictures when I'm done with my latest experiments.
Sally Niemand, USA - August 2007

Hi Kristine,
Parcel arrived today. Very pleased with them. With thanks
Pam Gough, Ipswich - August 2007

I just recently brought some Opals and your Opal book plus some your moulds from After Midnight.
I can't wait to try them.
Jackie (USA) - August 2007

Looking forward to play with my new goodies.
Thanks for being so inventive and coming up with lovely moulds.
Keep up the good work.
Madeleine Ahlgren, USA - August 2007

Found your web site here in the UK, looks fab so please keep me updated.
Barbara Abbott (UK)  - July 2007

Thanks so much, Kristine for your compliment. I'm having a ball with the moulds. I've got a bunch of things I've molded that are just waiting to be used in a project. The moulds are just so fun to work with. I love the variety of shapes and forms. And the easy release makes them a breeze to use. I'm finding myself trying all kinds of different mediums just as an excuse to use them. I can attribute a broadening of my artistic skills to the Krafty Lady moulds.
Thank you for such a fine product.
Sally (USA)  - July 2007

I just saw your post on Stamp Happy about your classes (they sound fantastic - wish I was able to attend and thought I would take this opportunity to tell you how much fun I had with Opals and some of your fabulous moulds last weekend (this was the first time I had used them) - I made 8 different coloured pendants (using the rectangle pendant mould) and a number of circles using AM094 Med Circles. I don't have a melting pot so just used a small frying pan and some Glad Bake. I was so impressed by how easily they popped out of the moulds. Thank you for creating these fantastic products, I am a very happy customer indeed and look forward to upping my collection from the current 3!
Niki Glover - Central Coast, NSW, Australia  - July 2007

My goodness, I just don't know what to say Kristine!
Your speedy service and fantastic products are such a great thing!
I have not created anything for a long time being bogged down with the everyday running of an online store but as soon as I got your moulds I started creating and I haven't stopped.
Your moulds are delicious and your service is second to none.
My self, my members, customers, and students are all now thoroughly addicted to Krafty Lady Art Moulds!
Thanks so much!
Kind Regards Jennifer Hodge The Scrapper's Stash June 2007

I would love to have updates of your products sent to me. I just received my order from After Midnight company. I ordered 40 of your molds & love each one.
Mary Beers
Minnesota, USA June 2007

The new pages (Gallery & KLDT) are fantastic and have motivated me to start work again. Thank-you France for your efforts. It is much appreciated.
Regards, Jillian Varga
NSW Australia June 2007

Thank you so much for the demo moulds - we are having so much fun with the button mould particularly (AM330 X5Lge) - it has sold well up here cos it is so easy for people who can only cope with small pours. Thanks again - can't wait to try the large button mould too (AM331 X5Lge)
Tell Grumpy, very nice!
Sue and Niamh, PipeDream Ink June 2006

I purchased my first 20 KL molds a few weeks ago from After Midnight at a local rubber stamp expo here in Minnesota. I went back the next day and purchased 30 more!!! So right out of the gate I bought 50 molds. I had heard so many wonderful things about them and when they were right in front of me, I couldn't resist!! I intend to continue to add to my collection over time. And I meant what I said, the Krafty Lady moulds are an absolute dream to use.
Warm personal regards,
Sally Niemand (aka SallyCraft) June 2007

I've been a stamper for about 8 years and love it! I started getting some of the Krafty lady molds from After Midnight and they are incredible with all the things you can do!
from Krafty Lady Yahoo Group member June 2007

I would love to be apart of this group because I simply adore your moulds and love experimenting and creating with them.
Cheers Ann Lawton
WA Australia June 2007

That was sooo quick!!
I will enjoy - thanks! and so will my customers!
Kind Regards, Jennifer Hodge
The Scrapper's Stash QLD AU, May 2007

They (Krafty Lady Art Moulds©) are fabulous molds with great designs. Robert Dancik (Faux Bone) used one of them in our class here for the concrete and resin.
You can use them for polymer, metal clay, concrete, resin, ceramic clay and more!
Tonya Davidson
Whole Lotta Whimsy USA, May 2007 
(our newly appointed 2nd US Distributor)

Thank You - fabulous working with someone I can rely on.
Roz , The Eclectic Studio Sydney AU, May 2007

I love your stuff and will be spending a lot of time getting inspired and ordering from your available products.
Sue [Michelle] Dobell WA AU, May 2007

Just wanted to commend France on the FANTASTIC work done on the KL website.
What a joy to come and browse at the inspirational artwork there. It's made it such a joy to come and look around the gallery. Her artwork is pretty amazing too. I just had to tell you how impressed I am of the website and hope you let France know that her hard work is appreciated by all.
Thank you to you and your hubby for all the great toys ( I love my new acorn man).
Dawn Thomas, WA AU, April 2007

I have just received my parcel. Thank you very much for the prompt service
Jillian Varga NSW AU, April 2007

I've been wandering around the KL website and checking out all the recent improvements and have to say WOW!!! And the new categories list is the biggest improvement to date....
I mean, the DT pages are excellent and the updated galleries section is fantastic (love the page listing the moulds with all the gallery samples - I use it to see what AMs still need samples as much as I do to see what others have done with a particular AM - it's a great place for inspiration!).
But I would have to say that the new categories listing is the bees knees! It's so much more user friendly than navigating back and forth through the old 1-2-3-4 pages. France has completely outdone herself this time.....
The KL website is fast becoming one of the most comprehensive online resources around. Congrats Kristine, it's a great site!
Mylene Hillam QLD AU April 2007

Hi Kristine,
Thanks for the prompt service and delivery, got the parcel today!
Thanks again,
Sara NSW AU March 2007 the site - easy to browse - even for a 'new to internet like me.
Regards Loraine T AU, March 2007

Nice new moulds by the way!
Jane Pinder The Stamp Bug UK March 2007

We are very impressed with your designs. Thank you
Gary Matherson, Qld, AU March 2007

I love all the bauble and button type molds. These are GREAT!
Zeb USA March 2007

This is the perfect mould Kristine (AM330 8 UP). I love it... This is a must have!
Donna Bruffey Charlottesville VA March 2007

Thanks. I love your molds.
G Kauffman USA
March 2007

.... I've never used moulds before but am over the moon with the results. You have a fantastic product.
Cheers Elli USA March 2007 
The Online Magazine For Stampers And Papercrafters

Hi Kristine, I am very keen to see your new designs. Your moulds are the VERY best and I've been using them for some time now. Just bought a few the other day from Stamp Antics in Brisbane. Thanks so much for all the fun.
Kerry Edwards, Bne. AU, Feb 2007

That was FABULOUS!!! Thanks so much - now all I have to figure out is how to buy all the moulds, where to store them and supplement my income to add OPALS!
Ann Cornell, Atlanta, GA, USA, Feb 2007

I played with my new toys [moulds] last night too. LOVE the acorn man. He is super. Did quite a few partials and love him.
Dawn Thomas, Australia, Feb 2007

Thanks for the prompt service Kristine - much appreciated! Everything arrived intact.
Jen, Metal Clay Australia Feb 2007

Love your site, products etc. Please keep me updated with what is happening.... Many thanks
Leanne Sawtell NSW Feb 2007

Thank you so much for your quick response; it's truly appreciated. I have used the molds I have already gotten from you successfully with ceramic clay
Judy King, Japan Feb 2007

I am very keen to see your new designs. Your moulds are the VERY best and I've been using them for some time now. Just bought a few the other day from Stamp Antics in Brisbane. Thanks so much for all the fun. Regards,
Kerry Edwards..Bne. AU Feb 2007

I have just had a look on you web site and discovered you have given me my own gallery. It's Fantastic. Thank you so much.
Sharon Tracey QLD Jan 2007

All the best with future designs, don't know how you and your design team are going to top this. But I'm sure you will. Thanks
Leigh Ball Brisbane Jan 2007

Oh, this is absolutely THE BEST site for inspiration! Your "new" gallery is wonderful!!! I have quite a few of the molds, and this will certainly give me the inspiration I need to PLAY with them!
Sue Saupe, USA Dec 2006

Love the new site, would like to write more, but I have just found out I can use melted glue sticks in my moulds and have an idea for an ATC so I must go and play.
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year
Jean Considine, Canberra Dec 2006

The galleries look fabulous - and I have decided I rather like seeing my work on your website LOL. And I seem to be keeping very good and talented company there. France has a done a good job.
Adrienne Goodenough, Wales, UK Dec 2006

Glad you like the layout too! I most definitely will continue to send you projects as I can find them or create them.[...] I'm honored to be included.
The new gallery looks great.  Take care.
Becky Chabot, USA Dec 2006

Hi Kristine
The new galleries are FANTASTIC!!!
Whilst I really enjoy playing with paper and art/craft products/stamping, I don’t have much imagination when it comes to how to use an art mould, or even a stamp for that matter, but now I have lots of great art to enjoy from your galleries, it’s easily accessible and what’s really good for people like me who are more crafters than artists, there’s all the detail I need (which exact products to use and where I can get them from!) so that I can adapt/copy for my own projects and feel confident that I’ll have a great end result.
I had looked over the previous galleries briefly, but know that I will keep coming back to the new galleries. Great to see so many different and accomplished artists’ works and in so many different applications.
Thanks for making the effort to improve the galleries. It is appreciated. I’ll pass on the good news to my other crafting/stamping friends.
Kind regards,
Julie Guilfoile, Perth WA, Dec 2006

Hi Kristine,
Congratulations on the relaunch of the gallery - it looks fabulous and it's a wonderful resource full of inspiration!
And well done to France for working so hard to get it looking so good.
Myléne, DT member Dec 2006

You have my permission to use the sample photo titled faux resin and the necklace photo along with it for your gallery. I appreciate your help in supplying demo product and featuring my work using your product in the gallery.
Love your products,
Cory Dec 2006

Tuesday, November 28th here and my package arrived safe and sound about 30 minutes ago. The molds are wonderful and exactly what I expected them to be. The quality and workmanship of the molds is superb. There are more designs that I want so look for another order after the first of the coming year. Thank you again for all your help and great service.
Warmest regards,
Judy King, Japan Nov 2006

I want to tell you that I personally feel that the Krafty Lady Art Moulds are probably one of the FEW truly innovative and versatile "new products" on the market in recent years. As I did say, I love those moulds!
WarmHugs ~ Tyra L.Smith Nov 2006

Just had to tell you; some of your keyholes look like way out faces. Aliens? lol You've added many new molds since last I was here. Great molds and great site.
Lucie USA Nov 2006

Thanks so much for the quick delivery. Received all my goods today. Can't wait to use them Thanks once again
Marie from Printable Memories VIC Nov 2006

Just thought I would let you know that I received my order today in perfect condition. Thanks for the prompt service. Have a good break.
Heather Adams NSW Sept 2006

Thanks for the great service......
Heather Askitis NSW Aug 2006

You are a gem - thank you very much for the service and the quick response to my inquiry.
Wendy Sydney NSW Aug 2006

Thank you for the molds, that arrived safely, also thank you for the present, that was very nice of you. Kindest regards.
Margaret ( Seaman) NSW July 2006
PS I listened to your interview from USA. Very good.

WAY TO GO GIRL as the Americans would say....ROFL The interview was wonderful, business can only get better after that exposure. I have had feed back from a friend who listened to it and she was very positive too. so Congratulations.
Barb Porritt Melb. June 2006

Thank you for my domino mould works great, Cheers Eileen Page TAS May 2006

I got the order today. Thankyou for your promptness. I really enjoyed the colour pages of sample Art Works. They are really inspiring.
Jill Varga SA May 2006

Thanks for checking on my order. When I went back to your website to place it again I noticed the information about your US distributor so I ordered from them. The order came today and I love them. You make a wonderful product. I hope you add more designs soon.
Thanks again,
Linda USA Jan 2006

Love those mini moulds particularly the lily pad and tiny frog. They are gorgeous - must have some soon to play with.
Sue Bowers
Pipe Dreamink Pty Ltd TAS Jan 2006 

I wasn't in the office when the order arrived and have just had a look at the preview for the new smaller moulds. They look great, I had forgotten my small leaf - it looks like really good. I had a workshop last night and everyone made a piece using one of your moulds, with the little frog being one of the most popular and the 3 roses done as a fragment. Best get over my excitement and settle down to do some work.
Donna Fox Ceramic & Craft Centre (NSW) Pty Ltd  Aug 2005

WOWOWOWOWO, AWESOME!!!!! Commenting on the Tile Alphabet AM242 X5Lge.
Linda, After Midnight Art Stamps (US Distributor) Aug 2005

Your molds are just beautiful & I will be ordering again. 
Rosemarie Iliano, USA, August 2005

I got my order today - I'm thrilled with it - as soon as I opened the package I just had to make a couple of pendants straight away.
Jo, Cosmic Beads, Australia, Aug 2005

Loved the molds. Thanks so much for such a speedy response. Will order again next month.
Pat Stuart, Premier Studio, USA, July 2005

Love the Rococo Frame - it is just the most wonderful thing.
Linda Hanson, Aftermidnight RS, USA, July 2005

Thanks Kristine for the wonderful site, just had a quick look & was very impresssed.
Rae Muscat, Australia, July 2005

Just wanted to say thank you for getting the order to me so promptly, with the short time allocated. You're a gem.
Alison at Stamping & Scrapping Designs, NSW Australia, July 2005

I'm a manicurist & used your Rose Trio mold with acrylic to make nails. Thank you for your inspiration
Leeann, USA, May 2005

I've visited your new revamped website today (which looks fabulous).
Virginia, Blacktown, Australia Aug 2004

I'm a first timer to your website and I absolutely love your merchandise! Can't wait to get some of your molds.
Evyonne, USA August 2004

Just gotta say I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT (Art Moulds). My customers love what I do with them and as you can see they are selling well for me - as always thank you for your time and thank you for a wonderful product.
AJ, Eclectic Omnibus, AZ USA August 2004

I received my molds, and wanted to let you know that you are a class act! I'm often disappointed with orders which do not match up with site portrayals of merchandise...However, you have exceeded my expectations! The quality of the molds, as well as the care in packaging, demonstrate a superior company ... one which I will revisit ... the galleries were most helpful
Barbara Peradeze, USA April 2004

I just found out about you yesterday and am very excited about your moulds. I teach Art Clay Silver in the US and will be also teaching a group in France this summer with Gwen Gibson. I am very interested in ..selling your supplies.
Jonna Faulkner, CA, USA June 2004

I love the look of the Moulds. I am new to clay and moulds and have just started stocking them in my shop.
Glenda, Scrapbook Source,Wanganui, New Zealand May 2004

I just love your site and need to be on your mailing list.
Dawnmarie, Australia, April 2004.

I thought I had ordered enough to last me through the convention we just did plus the one the end of the month in Las Vegas. But....I sold all but 15 of the ones I ordered from you and received last Thursday. They just flew off the shelves ... .... we doubled our normal sales. It was our best convention yet thanks to your moulds and Opals.
Linda, Aftermidnight Stamps AZ, USA April 2004

You can expect future orders from me! Best -
Linda USA Nov 2003

I rec'd the moulds the day after I spoke to you last week... thanks for posting them ASAP.... great service....
Bevlea Ross Australia Nov 2003

I love your molds. I have given your website address to some of my artist friends and I hope you get some orders.
Carolyn USA Oct 2003

I would like to order some moulds - please let me know how. A friend of mine here in Austin has several and I fell in love with them. Thanks!
Shirley Zirkle Texas, Oct 2003

YEAH! We love them. I am participating in a convention in May and want to have these molds for the show.
Hugs & Clucks from Rubber Chicken! MD USA, March 2003

I had several stampers *attacking* the moulds with cries of glee ("Oh, Krafty Lady moulds!!") as soon as they set their eyes on your wonderful little moulds--I sold ten the first day . . . !!!
Abby, For the Art NM USA, Mar 2003

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