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Welcome to the Krafty Lady Galleries
Here, it's YOUR talent which makes us look good.
Please email your favourite pieces and join in our galleries...
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Evelyn Watt, Western Australia , Australia

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AM123 XXLge Set of Wings (1)
AM219 XXLge Le Bustier Set
(also available as AM220 XLge Le Bustier Front Only)

Piece done following a Michael deMeng workshop.
David Shrine
AM322 X6Lge Weathered David's Face

Face was painted then some of the paint removed with a baby wipe. The lizard here is a toy lizard but Krafty Lady does have a gecko and lizard mould, which you can see here. Piece done following a  Michael deMeng workshop.
AM314 XLge Mini Baroque Beauty

Cast with Polymer Clay and painted up using a De Meng technique and treasure gold on top.
Click for larger version in a new window Click for larger version in a new window Click for larger version in a new window
Verdigris Bust Frame
AMT Torso Monique (partial cast)

The background is velvet paper done using the "stamping on velvet" technique involving ironing. The bust and frame were painted with Verdigris Chatsworth paint and patina. The partial torso was cast with Delight Air Dry Modelling Compound.
Alcohol Ink Framed Monique
AMT Torso Monique

Alcohol ink background. Monique cast with Plaster of Paris.
Alcohol Ink Framed Monty
AMT Torso Monty

Alcohol Ink background, Monty cast with Plaster of Paris. 

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