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Krafty Moulding Paste (KMP) is the perfect answer for crafters who have their own images they want to replicate. The kit makes approx 8 cms square.
Quickly mix equal parts of the 2 pastes and firmly push onto the area you want to reproduce. Wait 5 - 8 minutes to cure and peel away the KMP which is a perfect duplicate of the original.
The Krafty Moulding Paste Kit
is to be replaced with a new version early 2006 POA

For POURABLE ITEMS:(Plaster, Amazing Glaze, all melted Embossing Powders, Beeswax).

Place the KMP Mould so that it is level and supported and pour Air Dry Plaster, Beeswax, melted EP (embossing powder) into the KMP Mould. Allow to set and COOL. Pls be extremely careful if using melted EP. HINT: I use an Oasis Block as a support.

Of course you can press in any kneadable clay ( both oven dry and air dry) for fantastic images. Proceed as normal after pressing in the clay.

tYou are at > Home > Accessories > Moulding Paste
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