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You can now look for a specific item on our website, if you know the catalogue number of the piece you are looking for, please type that in in the AM### format, where # is the 3 or 4 digit number of the mould --
for instance AM284, AM1004, AM802... Or you can look for keywords, the less keywords you use, the more hits you get -- the more specific your keywords are, the less hits you will get. If unsure, use broader terms.

You can
look for an artist by name, or for themes such as "Egypt" or "Asian" or "Africa" or "African".

You can also look for Art Moulds by keywords such as "dragon", "cameo", "torso", "African", etc.

If looking for Polymer Clay, try also the following words: Sculpey, Fimo, Premo, Donna Kato, Katoclay, clay.

If your search yields no results or very few, try using less words as this will widen the scope of your search, also try to avoid common words like "and" and "mould" for instance as words like these appear on many pages.

*Check your spelling*, or try an alternate spelling eg: Mould or Mold, colour or color, Lys or Lis, jewelry or jewellery, etc.
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If you need help, feel free to email me (France). Your comments will help me improve this feature.

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